Tesla introduces the missing piece

Just yesterday Tesla, the company best known for it’s insanely fast and responsive sports car made it clear to everyone that they are not a ‘car company’ but rather a ‘battery company’. With the release of what Tesla call the powerwall for homes and powerpack for businesses and utilities.

The problem Tesla has set out to solve is the inconsistent delivery of power from renewable sources. If the wind always blew it would be great, we’d all just stick up some windfarms/solar panels and call it a day. Consistent energy delivery done!

Sadly though the wind doesn’t blow all the time, neither does the sun shine nor the waves crash so we as a country (species ?) have an issue with inconsistent energy production. What Tesla is trying to achieve is to store all the energy from renewable sources whilst it is available with the intention of using it up when it isn’t. So for example if a person were to have solar panels on their house they may want to use the majority of their energy in the morning and evening, however let us say the sun doesn’t shine then. Let’s say instead that while that person is at work the sun is beaming down on their house, well without a way to store that energy it’s wasted! Completely wasted. Now if that person had a way to capture and store the energy he or she could then come home from work and use it, rather than pulling it from the grid.

It’s pretty exciting to think that in 5-10 years time the cost of this storage should be so minimal that it makes sense for every house in the country to have one. I think that’s a pretty big step that we must all take if we are to transition ourselves as a species away from relying totally on fossil fuels.

If you wan to find out more you can do so at Tesla’s site; http://www.teslamotors.com/powerwall

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