I came across an article in my Pocket feed today on marketing for introverts. The thing is whilst the article was pretty good at discussing the points it set out to communicate it’s not what piqued my interest in it.

Near the beginning the author talks about how he views himself in respect to being either introverted or extroverted. His three paragraphs pretty much summed up what I’ve thought about myself for quite a while now, though I’ve always struggled to concisely describe it. So for anyone out there that associates with being an introvert have a read below (and I’d highly recommend reading the whole article) and see if you can associate with his statements.

A lot of people assume I’m an extrovert because I’m not shy. I associate more with introversion because I am energized by being alone—in both my work and free time.

If left to my own devices, I’d rather be alone—most of the time in the woods with my thoughts (and probably a camera). I’m quiet around people, but not because I’m awkward. It’s because unless someone else engages me, I’m happy being with my own thoughts.

Once engaged or interested, I have no problem talking to people—even folks I don’t know. I like being alone; whereas a shy person may wish they were better with social interactions.

He talks later in his article about how being an introvert is now seen as cool and desirable but I believe it is still seen as being somewhat off a disadvantage.

If you associate with being an introvert don’t try and change it simply realise that it doesn’t prevent you from being outspoken or engaging, it simply means you need time alone to collect your thoughts and recharge.

That doesn’t sound like too bad a thing to me.

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