The Imitation game

I went and saw ‘The Imitation Game’ recently and it got me thinking.

Overall I think it was a very good showing with a stand out performance by Benedict Cumberbatch, who again shows he has a full spectrum of talent. I wasn’t so enamoured by Kiera Knightly’s performance. It wasn’t bad but next to Cumberbatch it didn’t seem to excel either.

Anyway this isn’t a review of the movie. I left the cinema with a feeling I thought was telling. Disgust.

I’m not meaning to ruin the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. At the end there is a sequence where the viewers are told about some facts about the effect Alan Turing had on the war etc. As I remember them they are:

  • Alan Turing invented what other people at the time called ‘Turing machines’. Today we call them computers
  • ~48,000 gay men were charged with indecency
  • Alan Turing’s breaking of the enigma code was estimated to have shorted the war by 2 years… saving an estimated 14 million lives
  • Alan Turing committed suicide one year after accepting HRT rather than going to jail
  • It was only in 2013 that Alan Turing received a posthumous pardon from Queen Elizabeth

Of course being a developer I knew most of the facts and story however I still left the cinema with a feeling of complete disgust. Disgust over this instrumental man only receiving a pardon in 2013! Disgust that so many gay men were treated that way. It really is shameful that our country acted as blindly and non-sensical as it did.

Anyway dear reader I would highly recommend you see them film and I’d love to hear what you thought of it!


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