The best way is to get in contact is still email. What can I say I try to keep all this modern social stuff for family and friends. You can reach me at [email protected].

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  • I bought the Tendon Smart 10mm rope in February 2015. At first I was delighted because the rope looked good and was pleasant to handle. However, after less than a year of light use (about once every fortnight at the wall and a handful of trips outside, with no big falls), a section about 3-4m from the middle had become soft and spongy such that I didn’t feel safe using the rope any more. Luckily I had bought it from Cotswold Outdoor, who were very good and gave me a replacement when I took the rope in and explained the problem to them. We’ll see how the new rope goes.

    • Hey Naomi. Thanks for letting us all know. The post continues to get enough traffic that people’s updates are really useful! I hope the new rope holds up well.

      PS I’m sorry you had trouble posting. Your comment was waiting for approval when I logged in. Thanks for taking the time!


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