Climbing jeans roundup

It occurred to me that over the previous year and a bit I’ve purchased quite a few climbing jeans. Whilst sometimes I’d order the correct size first time, other times I’d have to return some jeans and go a size up. Even trying to look about online for information re how each pair of jeans fit didn’t solve the issue for me, and even if I found the relevant info it just wasn’t correct half the time.

In light of this I thought I’d do my own climbing jeans size/fitting roundup. Before I delve into discussing each jean I’ll give you my stats so as you can compare what you need against what I need.

  • Height – 6ft
  • Chest – ~40 inch
  • Waist – 31 inch (30 is generally a bit too tight whilst some 32’s can be very baggy on me)
  • Leg – 32 inch

Generally I like my climbing jeans to be able to stay around my waist without the need of wearing a belt as I don’t like this on me while climbing. Overly baggy jeans don’t do it for me however equally I don’t like skinny jeans.

This isn’t going to be an in depth review of each jean. Rather I want to focus on how each jean in the size I ordered generally fits me and how I feel climbing in them. Hopefully this helps you to pick the right size for you.

3rd Rock Mens movement enhanced jeans

3rd_Rock_Mercury_Jean_Yellow_Front_sThe 3rd rock jeans are the tightest fitting jeans I’d be comfortable wearing.

If you can get over the colour, or heavens forbid you actually like it as I do then you are looking at a very good pair of climbing jeans. If the colour does turn your stomach they also come in other mundane colours!

Technically I shouldn’t call these jeans as they aren’t constructed from denim but for the sake of making my life easy I shall call all the trousers here climbing jeans whether denim is used or not.

If I had ordered these from the 3rd rock site for £69.00 I would say that they don’t offer the best value for money, however I got them for less from Note to 3rd rock I would have been very close to buying them direct from you had you not tacked on extra for delivery when I added them to my basket. Free delivery for a £70 order should be standard! For the price I paid I’d say I’m happy with them.

In terms of fitting, The 3rd rock jeans are close fitting without being too tight. Think close fitting and you’l be imaging them correctly. This may be because I ordered the small size to be able to wear them without any belts to keep the waist up, and also the fact that they seem to be a close fitting style. I have never felt that they restricted my movement whilst on the wall. The actual quality of the jeans are very good and the feeling of them is soft. I’ve only worn these inside so cannot comment on their performance when wet or the time it takes them to dry out.

Size: Small
Colour: Yellow
Fit: Pretty close fitting, though the waist is fine and they’re never restricting pulling a move.

Moon Skink


Not massively baggy but certainly looser feeling than all my other climbing trousers. They also feel quite a bit heavier than my other climbing trousers. This means that indoors they tend to get a a bit hotter than my other choices.

On the plus side they are comfortable and the fact they they are slightly warmer than my other trousers will mean that climbing outdoors in them when conditions are a bit chilly will feel a bit better, unless it rains, then they may take a little longer to dry!


Size: Small
Colour: Denim
Fit: They don’t fall off but they are more spacious around the legs than my other trousers.



Prana Axiom


My favourite pair of climbing jeans. They fit fantastically on the waist and around the legs. They aren’t too heavy but also don’t feel like they’ll be ripped to shreds should I do some trad  up a horrendous chimney in them. They also pass the mustard for me in the looks department. They’ll blend in perfectly in the pub after that chimney!


Size: Small
Colour: Faded denim
Fit: Perfect!







Trangoworld Yosemite


Boy did I have a time of it trying to find my size in these. Every other pair of climbing trouser I have I taken a small. So logically I started there with these but they were ridiculously undersized! Even stepping up to the mediums didn’t do it.I had to go all the way to large and even there I wouldn’t call them baggy or say they were hanging off of me!

Having had that little moan I can say that if you stay the course and get these trousers in the right size they are fabulous. I’d say that they have quickly become my second favourite pair for climbing in, if not almost joint first. Outside of climbing they are a great pari of jeans too.

They aren’t restrictive in the leg at all and aren’t too heavy. In fact their weight is great, much like the Axiom’s. Tey aren’t so thin as to be worried about tearing them easily but I also wouldn’t call the material think.

Size: large
Colour: Dark Denim
Fit: Once you find the correct size for you they fit pretty damn great!



Edelrid Zapp


I admit it I got these mainly for the colour! I was looking at my climbing cloths one day and thought that everything was black or dull and so I thought it was time to brighten it up a bit. Overall they’re OK as a pair of climbing trousers and they do make a statement but unfortunately for moi they are just a bit on the tight side. If they were any tighter they would actively restrict me in climbing. As it stands currently they are borderline. I’ve never felt like I couldn’t pull a move because of them but sometimes it’s close.

Maybe if I had went for a medium they would suit me better but I didn’t and as it stands out of all my climbing trousers I’d say these meet their function the least. Also if you plan on heading out to the pub afterward be prepared for a few looks! Strike that, be prepared for a few looks regardless!

Size: Small
Colour: Bright orange
Fit: Quite tight in the waist and around the thighs




Bonus Item

Of course you don’t need to seek out specific climbing jeans. There is always the bonus item of a cheap supermarket 3/4 length pair of jeans to climb in too. In fact I have two pairs of these types of jeans that I think cost me about £10 – £15 each and they’ve lasted for over a year climbing in them a few times a week. They’re also great for really hot evenings climbing.


I hope this quick write up of how my climbing trousers fit helps you to pick the correct size first time.





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