I came across an article in my Pocket feed today on marketing for introverts. The thing is whilst the article was pretty good at discussing the points it set out to communicate it’s not what piqued my interest in it. Near the beginning the author talks about how he views himself in respect to being […]

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An original idea for gift giving

I’ll be honest with you reader. I’m not the biggest Christmas fan. I find it forced and shallow in todays world. It’s become, as many things have, far too commercialised. I cringe and worry in equal measures when I hear reports about people putting themselves into serious debt just so as they can fund their […]

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First date

One little line completely sunk a recent first date

Most people say first dates are hard but I don’t think they are! I think they’re (mostly) fun and a chance to just talk and see what happens. For me comparing the experience of the first date to actually getting a first date is night and day. If you’re on a first date it’s assumed […]

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