An original idea for gift giving

I’ll be honest with you reader. I’m not the biggest Christmas fan. I find it forced and shallow in todays world. It’s become, as many things have, far too commercialised.

I cringe and worry in equal measures when I hear reports about people putting themselves into serious debt just so as they can fund their gift buying at Christmas! If I received a gift from someone and I knew they had put themselves into serious debt in part to buy it I wouldn’t feel right. I would rather they do something very small for me as a token and keep their hard earned money!

I do enjoy Christmas time to see my family and friends back home. It’s been about 7 years now since I moved to England from my home in Northern Ireland. Christmas time for me is mostly about seeing everyone back home from my father to my sister and niece and nephew to my friends.

Considering the above normally I give and receive gifts with a feeling of emptiness (or possibly emotional neutrality?) however recently I read a post on the verge about one way to help inject some originality and personality into your gift giving that I thought was an amazing idea. Especially if you happen to not be with the person who is opening your gift.

The idea is to wrap your present not only in paper but also music. Think about the person you’re giving to and the gift they are receiving and select a song that matches the feeling! A simple concept and an easy gesture however this little thing alone I surmise will put an extra big smile on the face of the person receiving your gift!

Try it out this Christmas and see what response you get. If you have any other ideas on how to make gift giving more personable do drop a comment!

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