Shocking account manager!

Recently a friend asked me about why their newly developed website wasn’t showing up at all in the Google SERPs. I had a quick look about and picked up a few points in addition to a few others about performance of the site etc. Just some ‘low hanging fruit’ that would be easy to pick and […]

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Installing JungleDisk’s backup service via SSH

A while ago I wanted to ensure all of my clients databases were properly backed up independently of the dedicated server which serves them. I ended up writing a PHP class to run daily that cycles through all the databases on the server and then shuttles a dump of the DB across to AWS S3 […]

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Link Building: No Longer About Manipulation

Columnist Andrew Dennis discusses the evolution of link building since its early days and reviews the proper (and improper) way to employ today’s major link building tactics. Source: Link Building: No Longer About Manipulation   It often feels today like there is no safe way to promote one’s website; you know the one you spent […]

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9 reasons you should never use a CMS | Webdesigner Depot

I’d like to find that guy who was the first to promote to customers the idea that they could manage their own website “as easily as using a word processor” and give him a good kick in the ass. I Source: 9 reasons you should never use a CMS | Webdesigner Depot   I understand […]

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SEO Can’t Always Get What It Wants — Or Can It?

SEO doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Contributor Erin Everhart shares tips for getting other company stakeholders on board to achieve SEO success. Source: SEO Can’t Always Get What It Wants — Or Can It? Good points made by Erin. I think sometimes we have a tendency to dig our heals in and try and plough […]

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Communication is the key

Lately a few things have happened to me that have reinforced how important good and open communication is. To illustrate the point I was at Swanage a few weekends ago to get some milage in with a climbing partner. We headed to subliminal area as my friend is getting back into it after injuring himself […]

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Op-ed: Safari is the new Internet Explorer | Ars Technica

      If devs build a modern Web app ecosystem sans Safari, maybe Apple can move beyond 2010. Source: Op-ed: Safari is the new Internet Explorer | Ars Technica I’ve been feeling this way about Safari for a while now myself and have had it in the back of my mind to blog about […]

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tesla powerwall

Tesla introduces the missing piece

Just yesterday Tesla, the company best known for it’s insanely fast and responsive sports car made it clear to everyone that they are not a ‘car company’ but rather a ‘battery company’. With the release of what Tesla call the powerwall for homes and powerpack for businesses and utilities. The problem Tesla has set out […]

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