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Lately a few things have happened to me that have reinforced how important good and open communication is. To illustrate the point I was at Swanage a few weekends ago…

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It occurred to me that over the previous year and a bit I’ve purchased quite a few climbing jeans. Whilst sometimes I’d order the correct size first time, other times I’d have to return some jeans and go a size up. Even trying to look about online for information re how each pair of jeans fit didn’t solve the issue for me, and even if I found the relevant info it just wasn’t correct half the time.

In light of this I thought I’d do my own climbing jeans size/fitting roundup. Before I delve into discussing each jean I’ll give you my stats so as you can compare what you need against what I need.

  • Height – 6ft
  • Chest – ~40 inch
  • Waist – 31 inch (30 is generally a bit too tight whilst some 32’s can be very baggy on me)
  • Leg – 32 inch

Generally I like my climbing jeans to be able to stay around my waist without the need of wearing a belt as I don’t like this on me while climbing. Overly baggy jeans don’t do it for me however equally I don’t like skinny jeans.

This isn’t going to be an in depth review of each jean. Rather I want to focus on how each jean in the size I ordered generally fits me and how I feel climbing in them. Hopefully this helps you to pick the right size for you.

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One of the things that’s taking off massively at the minute (and for quite a while actually) is the use of animation. 24ways had a great article on how to animate, within…

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I came across an article in my Pocket feed today on marketing for introverts. The thing is whilst the article was pretty good at discussing the points it set out…

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As I’ve mentioned in other recent posts I’ve been getting back into reading the Personal MBA. I’ve been surprised how much of the book covers common sense (at least it…

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I went and saw ‘The Imitation Game’ recently and it got me thinking. Overall I think it was a very good showing with a stand out performance by Benedict Cumberbatch,…

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